Father’s Day Fitness!

Written by Randy Behr | June 14th, 2013 | Leave a comment

Happy Father’s Day! Not the same ring as Mother’s Day, huh? Nonetheless, it is still a legitimate holiday ladies. First, I would like to congratulate those fathers out there.Yes, I know. Who wants to talk fitness or, for that matter, workout on Father’s Day when we have family things to do? Not to mention the NBA finals are on, baseball season is in full-swing, along with WNBA and arena football games going on. I remember spending Father’s Days going to baseball games, barbecues and father/son breakfasts. They were great times.

I am not asking anyone to give up any of these activities, however I want to throw out a few fitness tips that are quick and effective that can be used during the course of a typical day.

For example, a brisk 20-30 minute walk with your child around the neighborhood will burn approximately 100-300 calories (depending upon speed and weight.) Keeping on the outdoors theme, get the ball and glove out for some catch, or toss the football around. An averaged sized individual will burn 60-70 calories per 15 minutes. If baseball and football isn’t your thing, get the soccer ball out and watch the calories disappear at a rate of approximately 180 per 15 minutes.

These are all activities that not only burn calories, but also work on hand-eye coordination as well as functional training. Functional training is everyday skills such as agility, coordination, flexibility and mobilization and such.

For all those outdoor adventurous dads, head to the local beach. A half-hour of body or board surfing burns approximately 150 calories, while swimming burns an amazing 150-300 calories per 15 minutes. Water not your thing? Head to the trails for a hike or run and perform a set of 10-15 body squats, push-ups and crunches every 2-3 minutes.

If you are not an athletic individual, how about outdoor activities such as gardening or mowing the lawn? Each burn approximately 150-250 and 170-350 calories respectively.

For those fathers who are not so ambitious and prefer to stay indoors and watch, this is fine too. During commercials for a half hour show, do moderate calisthenics such as 10 push-ups, sofa/chair squats and crunches and you can burn 100 calories per 15 minutes. If you have a small child, do presses above your head with him/her. Please, be careful though.

Yes, we even have an exercise for the ‘Super Dad’; clutch your child in a bear-hold manner and hold closely to the chest and do body squats. In general, playing with the kids for 30 minutes will burn 100-230 calories.

I caution all those weekend warriors though - don’t try to reincarnate into Michael Jordan or Roger Clemens. Know your limitations and know when to say when. Don’t let your ego get in the way! The idea isn’t to ‘kill’ yourself, nor turn this well-deserving day into an intense grueling workout, but rather a great fitness alternative with family.

And what a great way to improve your health and - most importantly - spend time with your family!

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